SPYRMAN LTD was founded in 1968 as a vertical unit processing mechanically, thermally and chemically natural calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum). Today its workstream is subdivided into three sectors: Sector of bioapplications, sector of engineering technology, sector of research and specific applications.

engineering technology

The sector of engineering technology produces a series of specialized products based on specific plaster qualities which are used in the departments of building restoration, museum replicas, folklore art and ceramic manufacturing, as well as in the production department of prototype shoemaking.


The sector of bioapplications includes the production department of both dental products and raw materials intended for creating self- heating beauty masks as well as peel off masks.

research & special applications

The sector of research and special applications traditionally supports the manufacturing procedures of the company by designing the research program, designating qualities that cover the special needs of the market and also cooperates on a regular basis with various technology institutions in the field of common scientific approaches.

All three sectors are modified and monitored on a daily basis by a scientific group with the guiding principle being the gentle, man-friendly and eco-friendly process of all natural products.

Internal affairs of the company are certified by the TUV INTERCERT, ISO 9001 : 2015.

SPYRMAN. L.T.D is a member of the Chamber of Viotia and since 1994 is registered in the Special Exporters Registry with export number 0/1300264 and unique number EORI GR095163658.

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